IT & Engineering


Germany is a country full of possibilities for third-world country nationals. The country of creation and advancement is the world’s fourth-largest economy and home to popular corporations and organizations. Accordingly, the German government offers the opportunity to non-Germans to look for a job and settle in the country. The German Employment Visa is a perfect chance for qualified foreigners to settle in Germany and work in their profession. It provides to its holder the opportunity to enter and work in Germany. As a recruiting agency located in Germany, we are closely working with German organizations to professionally connect skilled foreigners to the top German organizations. Looking for a job as a foreigner in Germany can be a nightmare. Why bother? when we can do the recruiting process for you hassle-free


Germany offers a special residence permit in accordance with Section 19c (2) AufenthG (German Residence Act) in conjunction with Section 6 BeschV (German Employment Regulation) for specialists in the field of IT and communication technology. According to the German Residence Act and German Employment Regulation, persons who have practical work experience within IT and communication technology can apply for a special residence permit. Regardless of the degree, they hold if the applicant can meet certain criteria.