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Germany is both a beautiful and historical country that has also the biggest economy in Europe. With a high development and low unemployment rate, it is the ideal place to migrate if you are searching for a job. Germany is also one of the nations that are looking for exceptionally qualified employees to work in with great salaries and other benefits.
Furthermore, the German government encourages all the young and skilled individuals to come to visit and look for a job. Therefore, if you have already decided that you would like to work in Germany, the first thing you need to do is applying for a German Job Seeker Visa at the German Application Center of your country German Job Seeker Visa’s success rate is much higher than most of the developed countries as Federal Republic of Germany is known for having the lowest unemployment rates across the European Union.
However, the German job market is simultaneously in need of skilled workers in specific working fields. Therefore, most qualified workers who have experience in their specialized professions have high chances to get a job in Germany.


The German Job Seeker Visa is a long-term residence permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six months to search for a job. If at the end of the six months the applicant has found a place of employment, the German Employment Visa with a concomitant working permit will be given, and the individual will be allowed to work and live in the country.
A very important note is that having a Job Seeker Visa does not allow the individual to immediately start working in Germany. It only means that the applicant can visit the country to look for a job during the stay. However, once the applicant is successfully employed by an employer, the Job Seeker Visa will be converted into a EU Blue Card or a German Employment Visa. To fulfill the requirements, we will ensure you have all the required documents along with some additional supporting documents ready for submission to your German application center of your country.
Today is the day to start building your dreams of living and working in Germany! Be a part of a major economy destination by looking and applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa to remain in the country for 6 months. Here at CCR, our core mission is to give unparalleled, high quality and cost-effective consultancy through working intently in partnership with our applicants and clients. It is our objective to provide a bridge for our clients to use opportunities and to accomplish their professional goals.